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About Siebel Hospitality

The hospitality industry provides venues for many kinds of events, including conferences, meetings, celebrations, seminars, and so on. Siebel Hospitality is designed to help event planners and event operations personnel within hospitality firms improve their efficiency when performing the following business tasks:

  • Planning for all sizes of events, including large events that consist of multiple functions, such as lectures, workshops, demonstrations, banquets, and so on
  • Reserving necessary space and equipment for each event function
  • Ordering needed supplies for each event function
  • Setting up for all event functions
  • Providing promised goods and services during the event
  • Billing accurately for goods and services provided during each event

Siebel Hospitality can be used along with other Siebel applications such as Siebel Sales, Siebel Call Center, and Siebel Service. Add-on modules to many applications are also compatible with Siebel Hospitality.

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