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Business Purposes of Screens in Siebel Hospitality

Table 2 and Table 3 describe the administrator and end-user screens in Siebel Hospitality.

Purposes of Siebel Hospitality Administration Screens

Table 2 describes the business purposes served by administration screens that have been created or modified specifically for use in Siebel Hospitality.

Table 2. Purposes of Siebel Hospitality Administration Screens


Used to enter information about individual assets that your organization has available, including where each asset is located.

Category Administration

Used to organize products (goods and services) into categories such as food and beverages, audiovisual equipment, and so on. Categories can be further divided into subcategories to allow each subcategory to be taxed appropriately. Category management is specific to Siebel Hospitality.

Data Administration

Used to define addresses, list of values (LOVs), sales assessment templates, and so on.

Function Space Administration

Used to define function space inventory and asset inventory display properties.

Guest Conveniences Administration

Used to define airports and booking centers.

Pricing Administration

Used to specify a range of prices for each product or service you offer. In Hospitality, each price list can be designated for use at specific properties.

Product Administration

Used to define combinations of goods and services as product packages for events.

Property Administration

Used to set up properties and attributes for each property such as sleeping rooms, property styles, day parts, and so on.

Property Pricing Administration

Used to set up pricing information and additional details for each property such as function space pricing, sleeping room pricing, discounts, unavailable spaces, and so on.

Tax Service Admin

Used to specify charge codes, taxes, and service charges, and associate taxes with properties.

Purposes of Siebel Hospitality End-User Screens

Table 3 describes the business purposes served by end-user screens that have been created or modified specifically for use in Siebel Hospitality.

Table 3. Purposes of Siebel Hospitality End-User Screens


Used to create and manage account information.


Used to create and manage activities.


Used to manage a user's days, weeks and months.


Used to create and manage contact information.


Used by revenue managers to review submitted quotes. Evaluation records can be viewed by property or across all organizations.

Event Checks

Primarily a read-only screen used to retrieve more detail about the generated event check. Also can be used to void an invoice.

Function Space Diary

Displays a Gantt chart that shows function space bookings over periods that are configurable. For example, the user can filter the data shown by start date and time scale.


Used to review, add, and modify information about functions within proposed and accepted events, including line items for needed goods and services. Also allows users to reserve assets such as audiovisual equipment for specific functions. All views for the Functions screen are specific to Siebel Hospitality.


A combination of sectioned lists that provides a snapshot of the most important information the user needs to manage a daily workload. The Home screen also provides quick links to opportunities, quotes, orders, invoices, and activities.


Used to create opportunities as well as add or modify information about proposed and accepted events.


Used to specify actual goods and services supplied during an event. Also used to generate trial checks and finalize the charges that appear in event invoices.


Used to display detailed property information including inventory, quotes, opportunities, sell notes, and so on.


Used to modify property-specific quotes and create new quotes.

Room Blocks

Used to display all room block line item records for the property with which the user is associated.

Turnover Evaluations

Used to display details of turnovers. Allows an event manager to conduct a detailed analysis of the turnover checklist questions and look at quote details by drilling down on the Quote field.

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