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About the Property Pricing Profile

The revenue manager sets up the property pricing profile. The profile defines the pricing parameters for each property record. These parameters include:

  • Nonparticipating Properties
  • Weekend/Weekday
  • Price Lists

Nonparticipating Properties Pricing

Nonparticipating properties are properties that do not use the Hospitality Event Sales Execution or Function Space Inventory processes. However, events for these properties may be sold by a member of the property brand and the National Sales Organization (NSO). Event Booking Centers sell space from and pass event opportunities to nonparticipating properties.

For a nonparticipating property, availability and pricing checks are bypassed during the generate quote process. This means that it is not necessary to perform pricing for nonparticipating properties. For more information about nonparticipating properties, see Managing Nonparticipating Properties.

Weekend and Weekday Properties Pricing

Some properties quote different rates for weekends as compared to weekdays and as a result, two different weighted average rates can be quoted to the customer. The administrator can define these properties by checking the Weekend/Weekday flag.

These properties implement business rules that price room rates for weekdays differently than room rates on the weekends because the guest profile on weekdays (typically business travelers) is different from the guest profile on the weekends (typically leisure travelers). Weekday and weekend pricing administration involves identifying the days that are priced using weekday rates, and days that are priced using weekend rates. Days defined as weekend days do not have to be consecutive, and the weekend day may include additional price adjustments on the room rate.

Associating Price Lists and Properties

Existing price lists must be associated with the properties using the Property Pricing screen.

The revenue manager typically sets up the property pricing profile, which establishes the pricing parameters for each property record.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Pricing and Property Pricing.

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