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Process of Setting Up Pricing and Property Pricing

This topic lists the tasks typically performed by administrators when setting up pricing for products and properties. Your company may follow a different process according to its business requirements.

To set up pricing for products and properties, perform the following procedures:

  1. Setting Up Price Lists
  2. Property Pricing Administration
  3. About the Property Pricing Profile
  4. Defining a Profit Series and Percentages
  5. Defining Future Date Adjustments
  6. Setting Up Special Dates
  7. Function Space Pricing Administration
  8. Using the Function Space Calendar
  9. Sleeping Room Pricing Administration
  10. Using the Sleeping Room Calendar
  11. Discount Pricing Administration
  12. Setting Up Full Day Discounts for Function Spaces
  13. Setting Up Volume Discounts
  14. Setting Up a Matrix Series
  15. Suite Pricing Administration
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