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Simple and Complex Products in Hospitality

In Siebel Hospitality, a simple product is a single component product, such as table, chair, beverage, and so on. A complex product is a group of simple products, such as menu, package, and so on. For example, a beverage is a simple product that can be part of a complex product such as a menu. For more information about products, see Siebel Product Administration Guide.

The administrator uses the Product Administration screen to create simple and complex products for Siebel Hospitality.

NOTE:  Additionally, using the Property Administration screen, administrators can follow a simplified process to create menus and packages that are automatically associated with specific properties. For more information about defining property-specific menus and packages, see Setting Up Property-Specific Menus and Packages.

When defining simple and complex products, perform the procedures in the following order:

  1. Creating Simple Products for Hospitality Events
  2. Creating Complex Products for Hospitality Events

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Products and Assets.

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