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Pricing and Room Occupancy

Any time a group sale occurs, the sales user captures occupancy information that is applied to the entire room block. This information includes:

  • Occupancy Percentage. The percentage of rooms that are single, double, triple, and quads.
  • Occupancy Price Offsets. The pricing offsets that should be applied for each different type of occupancy.

Table 71 shows the contracted value and price for a standard room on three different dates.

Table 71. Example Contracted Value and Price for Standard Room on Different Dates
Room Type


Jan. 5




Jan. 6




Jan. 7



Assume that the following information is entered in the Room Block Info record:

Occupancy %
  • Single % = 50
  • Double % = 50
Occupancy Price Offset
  • Double Price Offset = 20

The following actions occur during weighted average price calculations:

  • The room price is retrieved for each room type in the Room Block Line Items list.
  • The system calculates the weighted average price for each room type.
  • After the weighted average price is calculated, the price offsets are applied.

In this example, the weighted average price for the 50% single-room type occupancy is:

(50 X 100 + 100 X 110 + 150 X 120) / (50 + 100 + 150) = $113.33

The weighted average price for double rooms occupancy is:

Weighted Average Price (Double Occupancy) = Weighted Average Price (Single Occupancy) + Price Offset for double.

Weighted Average Price (Double Occupancy) = $113.3 + $20 = $133.33

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