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Reviewing Macro Estimates for Quotes

Macro estimates are used to estimate the approximate value at the early stages of an opportunity. However, when function agendas and room blocks are attached to the opportunity, more accurate revenue estimates can be generated for the quote from the function and room block line items.

When a quote is generated from an opportunity, the Macro Estimates for the opportunity are transferred to the quote. Although Macro Estimates are generally defined at the opportunity stage, you can make changes to these estimates after the quote has been generated if more accurate information becomes available.

The forecasted revenue for a quote is derived from the revenue estimates for the quote. The forecasted revenue for a quote can be seen in the Quote Revenue field on the quote form. However, on occasion, you may want to override the revenue estimates and use the macro estimates to generate the forecast for the Quote Revenue.

Macro estimates are not available for nonparticipating properties, as pricing information must come from the NPP, rather than the organization that has created the opportunity. For more information about nonparticipating properties, see Managing Nonparticipating Properties.

This task is a step in Process of Managing Property-Specific Event Quotes.

To review the macro estimates for a quote

  1. Navigate to the Quotes screen > Quotes List view.
  2. In the Quotes list, query for and select the required quote.
  3. In the Quote record, click the link in the Name field.
  4. Click the Macro Estimates view tab, review the estimates, and then make any changes necessary.

To use macro estimates for the Quote Revenue forecast

  1. Navigate to the Quotes screen > List view.
  2. In the Quotes list, query for and select the quote.
  3. Scroll down to the Quote form.
  4. In the Revenue & Pricing Information section, select the Macro Estimates flag check box, and then save the record.

    The Quote Revenue field is populated with the sum of all Calculated Total Revenues for the macro estimates.

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