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Viewing the Quote Event Calendar

The Quote Event calendar provides a visual timetable of quotes in a calendar format. This calendar can be viewed in daily, weekly, or monthly format. As this calendar is a quotes calendar, the user must be a member of the Quotes team to be able to use it. Quotes are displayed in the calendar according to the arrival date of the customer. The Quote Event Calendar helps event managers allocate work and gives sales representatives a visual depiction of the customers scheduled to visit a property during a given period of time.

Event managers at certain properties may want to post paper printouts of calendars to inform the operations staff of upcoming events. The calendar may be printed from a Microsoft Word file to make sure that the calendar format is retained.

This task is a step in Process of Managing Property-Specific Event Quotes.

To view the Quote Event calendar

  1. Navigate to the Quotes screen > Calendar view.
  2. Select either the Weekly or Monthly view tab.

    The Weekly calendar is displayed by default.

To print the calendar

  1. Navigate to the Quotes screen > Calendar view.
  2. Select the appropriate calendar view, and weekly or monthly calendar format.
  3. Click Print.
  4. The calendar is displayed in a secondary Calendar pop-up window, and the Print dialog box appears.
  5. Print the calendar to a local printer.
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