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Creating Subopportunities

After the recurring event opportunity has been created, a number of subopportunities that represent each individual event in the series of events should be created.

When you have created the subopportunities, you may provide more detailed information, for example, notes, activities, contact information, and so on, about these opportunities. For more information, see Capturing Hospitality Opportunities.

This task is a step in Process of Creating Recurring Events.

To create subopportunities

  1. Create an opportunity as described in Creating the Recurring Opportunity.
  2. Click the link in the Name field, and then click the Sub Opportunities view tab.
  3. In the Sub Opportunities list, create a new record.

    The Name, Opportunity #, Arrival Date, Sales Stage, and Relationship type fields are automatically populated.

  4. Change the Name, Arrival Date, # of Nights, and Projected Property fields as required.
  5. Scroll down to the Room Block Items list, and create new records as necessary.

    NOTE:  From this list, you can create both room blocks and line items. By entering information to the Room Blocks field, you are in effect creating a Room Block. The information entered in the remainder of the fields is used to create a line item for the room block. If you want to view the standard layout for Room Blocks, simply click the link in the Name field of the subopportunity, and then click the Room Blocks tab. You can enter information to this view if you want.

    For more information about Room Blocks, see Adding Room Block Information to an Event Opportunity.

  6. In the Agenda Functions list, create new records as necessary.

    For more information about Function Agendas, see Adding a Function Agenda and Line Items to an Event Opportunity.

NOTE:  You can apply event templates to a subopportunity from the Sub Opportunity list Menu. For more information about applying event templates, see Applying an Event Template to an Opportunity.

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