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Generating Quotes for Recurring Events

Quotes cannot be generated from parent recurring opportunities. Quotes can be generated, however, for individual events in a series of recurring events from the Sub Opportunities view.

After all the individual quotes are generated, you can create an aggregate quote for the parent recurring opportunity. The aggregate quote, which is compiled from the Aggregate Quotes view, provides revenue and other details for an entire set of subquotes. The aggregate quote is compiled from all projected properties, and as the name suggests, it aggregates totals from all quotes regardless of the property where the events are to take place.

Quotes may be generated for a number of different properties before customers decide which property is most suitable to their needs. When bidding competitively against other properties for an opportunity, it may be necessary for a sales representative from a particular property to see an aggregate quote for a recurring event if the entire recurring event were to take place at the sales representative's property. These types of quotes are called What-If Aggregate Quotes and may be generated by a sales representative when necessary. When you generate a What-If Aggregate quote, the projected property for each quote does not change.

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