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Validating the Print Line in SOE Flag

Before generating reports, end users should perform the steps in the following procedure to verify that the required function line items are flagged, allowing the line item to appear in the SOE report.

This task is a step in Process of Administering Hospitality Reports.

To validate the Print Line in SOE

  1. Navigate to the Functions screen > Function List view.
  2. In the Functions list, query for the function.
  3. Drill down on the Function Name hyperlink.
  4. From the Line Items list, scroll down to the More Info view.
  5. In the More Info view, locate the Print Line in SOE check box, and verify that the check box is selected.
    • If the check box is selected, the line item appears on the SOE report.
    • If the check box is not selected, the line item is not displayed on the report.

      NOTE:  You may need to click the show more button to expose this check box on the form.

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