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About the Schedule of Events (SOE) Report

Event managers generate and print a Schedule of Events (SOE) report before an event occurs. This report contains the list of functions and function line items that make up an event. The SOE report is an abbreviated version of the BEO report. However, it does provides a complete overview of functions and function line items required for an event.

The report has several sections that provide a summary of the property, order, and function details for the event.

The top section provides general information regarding the property and high-level quote details. The information is displayed for administrative purposes.

As shown in Figure 15, the Function records are listed beneath the administrative section. Essential function details listed include the Date of the Function, Start Time, End Time, Function Space, Setup Style, Function Type, Function Name, and Expected Number of Attendees.

Figure 15. Sample SOE Report
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The purpose of the SOE report is to communicate the list of functions as well as any associated function line items.

A set of rules determines how the report line items are displayed:

  • Functions are listed by Date and then by Start Time.
  • Subfunctions appear in italics.
  • Canceled functions do not appear in the report.
  • The Print Line in SOE check box (flag) in the Function Line Item record must be selected for the line item to appear in the report.
  • The Print Line in SOE flag is inherited from the Category record. If the Print Line SOE check box (flag) is selected in the Category record, then the Print Line In SOE flag for each Function Line Item associated with the category is selected by default.
  • Function Line Items associated with a particular function are listed by Type, and then by Service Start Time.

For more information on any of the fields used in the SOE report, see BEO Report Fields.

NOTE:  Both the report header and the line items associated with it should be selected to display both if these in the report.

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