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About the Banquet Event Order (BEO) Report

Event managers generate and print a Banquet Event Order (BEO) report before an event occurs. This report provides the operation execution team with detailed information about food, beverages, and setup requirements for all functions covered by a single order.

As shown in Figure 14, the report consists of several sections that provide a summary of the property, account, contact, order, function, and function line item details for the event. The information helps the event execution team manage the event.

The top section of the report provides administrative information about the property, the account, the event contact, and event order details.

When notes are created and associated with the order, the notes are displayed beneath the top section. If there are multiple order notes, the notes are sorted by Sequence #. The list includes both internal (private) and external (public) notes.

Figure 14. Sample BEO Report
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The main purpose of the BEO report is to communicate the list of functions as well as any associated function line items. The report's line items are displayed according to predefined rules:

  • Functions are listed by Date and then by Start Time.
  • Canceled functions are not displayed on the report.
  • Function Line items associated with a particular function are listed by Service Start Time.
  • Function Line Items that are type Menu appear as the first group under a function.
  • The report headers that are configured using the procedures in Configuring Reports are printed in this report if they contain line items or comments.
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