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Gathering and Confirming Additional Requirements for the Event

The event manager also verifies the following additional requirements for the upcoming event are met:

  • Billing Information. Using the Quote screen's billing view, the event manager compares Bill To Account and Bill to Contact information, verifies that Group master or House accounts are set up, and also confirms that the credit approval process is completed.
  • Parking and Transportation. In the Quote screen's Notes view, the event manager adds any special requests for parking and transportation and notes any obvious patterns in arrival and departure times. This information helps management estimate requirements for front desk staffing and also underscores potential parking and transportation issues. The Notes view can also be used to detail V.I.P. arrangements.
  • Special Requests. Using the Quote screen's Room Block Line Items view, the event manager records special requests for V.I.P. and staff sleeping rooms in the Room Notes field.
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