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Gathering and Confirming Function Details

The event manager begins finalizing equipment and asset needs, contacts specialists and experts for complex events, and arranges for sample tastings of proposed banquet fare.

  • Equipment. If the event requires equipment such as audiovisual products, the event manager adds equipment and other complex products using the Quote Functions Line Items view. The Product Administration screen may be used to refine the equipment to the needs of the customer.
  • Destination Management Information. The event manager adds destination management details in the Quote Notes view.
  • Menu. The event manager begins to design a complex menu using the Quote Function Line Item view (or the Function screen's Line Item view). The menu is added as a line item. For more information about designing a menu for an event, see Creating a Custom Menu or Package for a Function.
  • Decoration and Presentation. In the Function's Notes view, the manager enters details on items such as linen color and proposed settings.
  • Catering. Event managers add catering products such as cutlery, tables, chairs, and so on, which must be reserved. In the Quote Function Line Items view, the manager uses AutoBook to reserve the items and Double Book if necessary.
  • Taste Panel. For complex events, the event manager arranges for the customer to participate in a taste panel, and adds the proposed date information in the Quote Notes view. The manager creates activities for a proposed setup featuring menu items, which can be sampled by the customer, and assigns the activities to individuals on the banquet staff. These activities can be added in the Quote > Activities view.
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