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Creating a Custom Menu or Package for a Function

In addition to adding existing menus and packages as function line items, and modifying them as necessary, you can create entirely new menus and packages in the Function Line Items views. Menus and packages created in this way will not be available to all functions associated with the current property, but only to the specific function in which you create them.

This task is a step in Process of Managing Menus and Packages.

To create a custom menu or package for a function

  1. Display a list of functions associated with quotes or orders. For more information, see Accessing Quote and Order Functions.
  2. In the Function list, select the function in which you want to create a custom menu or package.
  3. Click the Line Items subview tab.
  4. On the Line Items tab, click Menu and choose Create Custom Menu/Package.
  5. In the Create Custom Menu/Package dialog box, complete the fields. Some fields are listed in the table that follows.


    Type of menu or package to create.

    • Menu Per Person. One menu for each person. The price can be a fixed price for each person, or a variable price for each person depending on the items selected.
    • Package Per Person. Fixed price for each person where individual item prices are not broken out.
    • Package Each. Fixed price for a quantity of 1 of the package, regardless of the number of people.
    • Package Item Price. Variable price for each person where individual item prices are broken out.

    Number of Items

    Number of child items to be included in the menu or package.

  6. Click OK.

    Siebel Hospitality redisplays the Line Items list with the parent menu or package item and its child items that you specified.

  7. In each of the new line items, complete the fields as needed.

    For descriptions of some fields in the Function Line Items views, see Editing Function Menus, Packages, and Line Items.

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