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Automatically Calculating System Allocations for Packages

You can have Siebel Hospitality automatically set per person allocations for packages. The application distributes allocations based on revenue contribution percentages calculated from list prices. You can then manually update these automatically calculated per person allocations at any time. You can also overwrite any existing allocations with the system allocations.

The set system allocations functionality is disabled under the following conditions:

  • A parent package record is not selected.
  • The selected package is or contains a package of the type Package Item Price.
  • The selected package contains a split menu.

For more information about revenue allocations and the calculations that Siebel Hospitality performs, see Revenue Allocations for Menus and Packages.

This task is a step in Process of Managing Menus and Packages.

To automatically calculate system allocations for a package

  1. Display a list of functions associated with quotes or orders. For more information, see Accessing Quote and Order Functions.
  2. In the Function list, select the function in which you want to set system allocations for a package.
  3. Click the Line Items subview tab.
  4. In the line items list, select the package for which you want to set system allocations.
  5. Click Menu and choose Set System Allocation.

    Siebel Hospitality calculates the allocations and updates the appropriate fields in the line item. A per person allocation is calculated for each child item from the parent item's unit net price. The formula is as follows:

    (total of the child item unit net prices) / (unit net price of the child item) * parent package unit net price

  6. Click Menu and choose Validate Allocation.

    Siebel Hospitality verifies that the cumulative sum of per person allocations equals the ultimate parent package's unit net price.

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