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Displaying Menu or Package Revenue Estimates

Siebel Hospitality can display an estimate of how much revenue a menu or package associated with a function will yield, and how much revenue each of its individual child items will contribute. For more information about displaying revenue estimates, see Reviewing Revenue Estimates for Quote Functions.

Siebel Hospitality performs revenue calculations as follows:

  • Simple products. The revenue estimate is based on the extended net price.
  • Menus without split items. The revenue estimate is based on the extended net price.
  • Split menus. The revenue is calculated only for the split menu items, based on their respective extended net prices.
  • Packages. The revenue is calculated for the child package items based on the per person allocation * the extended quantity of the root (ultimate parent) package.

For examples of revenue estimate calculations, see Revenue Estimate Examples for Menus and Packages.

This task is a step in Process of Managing Menus and Packages.

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