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Substituting Products in a Menu or Package

You can view and select all products that are available as substitutes for the child items in a menu or package.

This task is a step in Process of Managing Menus and Packages.

To substitute a product in a menu or package

  1. Navigate to the Functions screen, then the Function List view.
  2. In the Function list, select the function with the menu or package whose products you want to substitute.
  3. Click the Line Items view tab.
  4. In the line items list, select the child product of the menu or package for which you want to substitute another product.
  5. Click the Substitute Products subview tab.

    If substitute products are available for this product, Siebel Hospitality displays them in the Substitute Products list.

  6. Select an item to substitute for the selected Line Items list item and click Substitute.

    The record you selected in the Substitutes list replaces the current function line item.

    NOTE:  If the current package or menu's Fixed check box is selected, or if no substitutes are available for the selected item, the Substitute button is disabled.

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