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About Connecting to the Database Using DB2 Connect

You install the Siebel Database Schema on DB2 for z/OS using the Database Configuration Wizard which resides on a client Siebel Server. See Installing the Siebel Database on the DB2 Host for a description of the installation process. After installation, you execute SQL on the DB2 for z/OS host.

Configuration Options for DB2 Connect

When using DB2 Connect, your configuration options depend on whether you are deploying Siebel Business Applications on a Web Client or on a Developer Web Client. This is shown in Table 5.

Table 5. DB2 Connect Configurations
DB2 Connect Edition
Siebel Business Applications Deployed on
Install and Run DB2 Connect on

Enterprise Edition (EE, ASE or UE)

Siebel Web Client

Siebel Server machine or another machine on midtier.

Enterprise Edition (EE, ASE or UE)

Siebel Developer Web Client

Any machine on midtier.

Personal Edition (PE)

Siebel Developer Web Client

Each workstation.

Figure 1 illustrates some of the configurations possible with DB2 Connect Personal Edition (PE) and DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition (EE). DB2 Connect PE runs on the workstation only; DB2 Connect EE can run on the same machine as the Siebel Server or on a different machine. The configuration you choose largely depends on the types of Siebel clients your enterprise supports.

Figure 1. DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition and Personal Edition Configurations
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For detailed information about DB2 Connect, refer to the IBM documentation.

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