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Controlling Marketing Vendor List Query Details

If there are dimensional attributes in your list output report that do not belong to the target level dimension and there is a 1:N relationship between the target level and the Dimensional attribute, special configuration might be needed. For example, if the list output report contains columns such as Contact-ID (target level) and email Address and there is a 1:N relationship between Contacts and Email Addresses, the list output report is similar to Table 26.

Table 26. Example of List Output Report
Email Address




However, marketing vendor lists often require that only one row be created for every Contact (target level ID). This problem can be solved in the following ways:

  • Adding an explicit filter such that only one email address is selected in the list output, such as in the following example:

    WHERE <Email-Address Table>.<Type Column> = Primary

  • Using a QLI on the Email-Address column. For more information, see Setting Up Marketing Qualified List Items.
  • Setting up a simple measure and adding a filter.

    For example, set up a simple measure such as RANK (Email-Address) by Contact-ID, and then assign a filter to this measure in the report as WHERE RANK(E...) = 1. This generates a unique number, starting from 1, for every combination of the Contact-ID and E-mail Address columns. The filter selects the first combination, eliminating duplicate rows. The following are the guidelines for setting up a simple measure and adding a filter.

    • In the Administration Tool, select the business model for the list output for the target level (for example, Contact).
    • Create a logical fact table and a logical column.
    • In the Levels tab, select the Detail level for the target level dimension.
    • Drag this measure to the List catalog in the Presentation layer, check metadata consistency, and save your work.
    • In the Marketing Module, in the List Format Designer, add this column, put a filter equal to 1 and remove the column from the list format.

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