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Create Segmentation Catalogs for Physical Star Schemas

You must create a Catalog for every physical star schema that needs to participate in segmentation. Typically, this requires performing the following tasks:

  • Creating new catalogs.
  • Dragging presentation columns from other reporting catalogs into the appropriate segmentation catalogs.
  • If certain measures are absent in existing reporting catalogs, they must be brought into the segmentation catalogs from the business model layer.
    • Do not bring level-based measures in to the segmentation catalog, unless there is a specially mapped measure that improves performance drastically. The Marketing module user interface provides for aggregating measures.
    • Do not bring in measures that are ratios based on a combination of stars. For example, Opportunity to Order Conversion Ratio. Remember, each segmentation catalog must contain information from one star only.

      When marketers want to segment on a star where they want to counts customers where the rows in the fact table satisfy a certain criteria then the fact table can be mapped as a dimension also. For example, if a marketer wants to find customers where any of their orders is greater than $50, then to support this kind of a querying, the order fact logical table needs to be mapped as dimension.

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