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Assign an Implicit Fact in the Segmentation Presentation Catalog Property

For every segmentation catalog, you must assign an implicit fact in the presentation catalog property. Use the following guidelines when you select the implicit fact column:

  • The implicit fact column must be based on the same fact around which the presentation catalog has been built. For example, if the presentation catalog contains information from the Order star, the implicit fact column must be based on the Order/Order-Item fact.
  • The implicit fact is the least restrictive. For example, if the ROW_WID column in the fact table is the primary key of that table, then the implicit fact column is a Count (ROW_WID). If no such measure exists in the Logical Fact then create it. Alternatively, you can define a logical column that has a calculation such as max(1) or sum(1).

To assign an implicit fact in the presentation catalog property

  1. In the Presentation layer of the Administration Tool, double-click a presentation catalog to participate in segmentation.
  2. In the Presentation Catalog dialog box, click the General tab.
  3. In the Implicit Fact Column section, click Set.

    The logical facts in the business model from which the presentation catalog was created appear.

  4. In the Browse dialog box, open the appropriate logical fact folder such as Fact - Campaign History, select the appropriate measure, and then click OK.

Guidelines for Testing an Implicit Fact in the Presentation Catalog Property

Use the following guidelines to test the inclusion of implicit fact after starting the Siebel Analytics Server.

  • Navigate to Siebel Answers.
  • Select the presentation catalog and create a report by selecting two dimensional attributes that have ambiguity with respect to facts.
  • Do not put the fact column in the report.

    For example, in an Order/Order-Item catalog, select a column from the Customer table and another column from the Product table.

    Customer and Product are typically related in many ways. Customer could have service requests for a product, they might own an asset on a product or they might have quote or an order on a product. However, when running this report on this catalog with the implicit fact assigned, verify that the physical query included the order/order-item fact.

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