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Confirming Host and Symbolic URL for the Marketing Module

Perform this task so that users can display the Segment Designer and Segment Tree Designer in the Segments screen tab and the List Format Designer in the Administration - Marketing screen tab.

  1. Log in to the Marketing application as the administrator.
  2. Navigate to the Administration - Integration screen> WI Symbolic URL List view.
  3. In the Administration - Integration screen, from the visibility filter, select Host Administration.
  4. In the Host Administration list, query for Virtual Name = NQHOST and verify that a record with the Name field = [NQHOSTName] appears.
  5. In the Name field, change [NQHOSTName] to the Analytics Web Server name that you plan to use.

    CAUTION:  Be sure to change the Name column, not the Virtual Name column. Also, make sure that you have not included brackets in the name.

    TIP:   This server name must be unique. For example, if you assign a server name to your Analytics Web Server and try to use the same server name for Siebel Intelligence Dashboards, you receive a unique name error. To prevent this, you can append the domain to the server name (for example, or use the IP address in place of the name.

  6. From the visibility filter, select Symbolic URL Administration.
  7. In the Symbolic URL Administration list, query for Web Application name = Marketing Segmentation and verify that records with the following Name field values appear:
    • MarketingEditListFormat
    • MarketingEditSegment
    • MarketingEditSegmentTree
    • MarketingListFormatsEntry
    • MarketingSegmentsEntry
    • MarketingSegmentTreesEntry
  8. Scroll down to the Symbolic URL Arguments list and verify that each Web application resulting from your query in Step 7 have the correct nqUser and nqPassword argument.

    For each Web application, perform one of the following steps:

    1. To allow each user to connect using their username and login, perform the following steps:
      • In the Symbolic URL Arguments list, Set the nqUser argument ArgumentType = Command and Argument Value = UseSiebelLoginId.
      • Set the nqPassword argument to ArgumentType = Command and Argument Value = UseSiebelLoginPassword.
    2. In the Symbolic URL Arguments list, to connect using a fixed username and login for all users, perform the following steps:
      • Set the nqUser argument to ArgumentType = Constant and Argument Value to the shared login for the Marketing module.
      • Set the nqPassword argument ArgumentType = Constant and Argument Value to the shared password for the Marketing module

NOTE:  After changing settings for any Web service or symbolic URLs, be sure to log out of the browser session and log in again for the changes to take effect.

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