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BusComp_SetFieldValue Event

The SetFieldValue event is called when a value is pushed down into the business component from the user interface or through a call to SetFieldValue. This event is not triggered for any predefaulted or calculated fields in Siebel Tools.





String containing the name of the affected field


Not applicable

Used With

Server Script


This Siebel VB example shows how to invoke methods on an existing business component when the SetFieldValue event is triggered:

Sub BusComp_SetFieldValue (FieldName As String)
Dim desc As String
Dim newDesc As String
If FieldName = "Type" Then
   newDesc = [can be any valid string containing the new description]
   desc = GetFieldValue("Description")
   SetFieldValue "Description", newDesc
End If
End Sub

The following is the equivalent example in Siebel eScript:

function BusComp_SetFieldValue (FieldName)
   if (FieldName == "Type" && GetFieldValue(FieldName) == "Account")
      SetFieldValue("Description", "Record is of Type 'Account'." );

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