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BusComp_WriteRecord Event

The WriteRecord event is called after a row is written out to the database.

The WriteRecord event triggers after the record has been committed to the database. Do not use SetFieldValue in a WriteRecord event. If you need to use SetFieldValue, put it in a PreWriteRecord event (explained in BusComp_PreWriteRecord Event).




Not applicable



Not applicable


When associating a multi-value group record (based on an M:M relationship) with the business component that invokes the association, the PreWriteRecord and WriteRecord events execute. These events execute even if no fields on the base or invoking business component are updated by the association. The PreWriteRecord and WriteRecord events are executed to acknowledge the update to the intersection table.

CAUTION:  Be careful when using the Raise Error and RaiseErrorText methods in BusComp_WriteRecord, because they cancel operations. For example, if RaiseErrorText is used in BusComp_WriteRecord, the user or code will not be able to step off the current record until the condition causing the RaiseErrorText method to be invoked is addressed.

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