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Identifies the applet in the Pick View that can receive selected items from the Find results list.

Valid Values/Examples

Applet Name (O)

Specifies the name of an applet in the view that has an associated applet that allows users to associate child records to the parent.


Field Name (O)

Specifies the MVG field. (Not supported in Siebel 7.)


Name (R)

Property is hidden and its value is defaulted from the View Name property.


View Name (O)

Specifies the name of the view.


Find results can be associated to an applet as long as there is a relationship between the applet and its parent, and the search result and the Pick Applet use the same business components. In Siebel Tools, this relationship is implemented by creating a link between the two Business Components with an intersection table.

An example of the Pick View and Pick Applet for the Find category Opportunities would be View: Contact Detail—Opportunities View and Applet: Opportunity List Applet—Basic. An Opportunity Find result can be attached to the Opportunity List Applet—Basic, as long as there is a many-to-many relationship between the parent Contact applet and the child applet, which is Opportunity List Applet—Basic.

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