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Defines the logical join between a business component's base table and another table.

Valid Values/Examples

Name (R)

The name of the join object definition. This defaults to the table specified in the Table property. If there are two joins to the same table, then you need to change the name of one of them.


Outer Join Flag (O)

A TRUE or FALSE value.

TRUE — Indicates a left outer join.

FALSE — Indicates an inner join.

Table (R)

The name of an SQL table. The name is case sensitive and must be specified the same as it is in the Siebel database.


SQL Restrictions

Refer to an SQL language reference manual for a complete explanation of and a list of restrictions on left, self, and simple joins.

Left Outer Joins

In defining a left outer join, the outer join is applied to the table defined by the join's Table property. Brings values back even if no values are returned for the join.

Fields on Joined Tables

Implicitly joined fields (unlike their explicit counterparts) can be updated.

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