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Specifies the columns to join from the tables on the left and right sides of the join.

Valid Values/Examples

Destination Column (O+)

The name of the column in the destination table on which the join is performed. The name is case-sensitive and must be specified the same as it is in the database.

(+) This property is required if the join occurs on a column other than ROW_ID.


Name (R)

The name of the join specification object definition, which must be unique within the join. The name defaults to the Source Field value for the join specification.

For more information, read Join Specification Naming.


Source Field (O+)

The name of a field (in the parent business component of the join object definition) that the destination table is joined on. The Source Field property must point to a field that represents a database column.

A computed field is an example of a field not based on a database column, and is therefore not suitable as a source field for a join specification.

The field has to be a foreign key with respect to Destination Column.

(+)This is required if the join occurs on a field other than ID.


Join Specification Naming

The Name property of this object type requires some special consideration. By default, the name of a join specification is the name of the source field specified for the object definition. You should not change this value unless you have two join specification object definitions for the same join that use the same source field. Although this name is not referenced anywhere else in the repository, it is used for the merge/upgrade utility to determine matching entries.

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