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Groups or categorized views.

Valid Values/Examples

Bitmap Category (O)(H)

The name of the Bitmap Category object that contains the definitions of the Bitmap objects used in the screen.

For example: For the Accounts screen, there is an Accounts bitmap category that contains bitmap object definitions for Logo and Screen Tab Icon. The Logo bitmap is displayed at the top of the view bar in the Accounts screen. The Screen Tab Icon bitmap is displayed on the tab of the Accounts screen.

Examples: Accounts, Contacts.

Default View (O)

The view that is used when the user clicks on a page tab for the screen. The view must be an entry in the screen view of the current screen.

Examples: Account List View, Contact Detail View.

Help Identifier (O)

A help ID for the screen for context-sensitive help.


Name (R)

The name of a screen. All references to a screen are made through its name.

Example: Accounts Screen, Contacts Screen.

Unrestricted Viewbar (O)(H)

A TRUE or FALSE value.

When Unrestricted Viewbar is FALSE, views outside of the business object for the default view of the screen does not appear in the thread bar. If you require the thread bar to show these views, do not use the Unrestricted Viewbar property.

TRUE — Displays all views in the screen in the view bar, even if they use different business objects.

Upgrade Behavior (R)

This property is set by Oracle and cannot be modified.

Indicates if the object should be ignored if the repository merge is run with the Incorporate Custom Layout option.

Admin or Null

Admin indicates that the object should be ignored. Null indicates that the object is to be processed by the Incorporate Custom Layout option.

Viewbar Text (O)

The label that appears below the optional Logo bitmap in the view bar.

Examples: Accounts, Contacts.

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