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Provides the means to group bitmaps by function or some other relationship. The Bitmap object type is a child of Bitmap Category; therefore, every bitmap image in the repository must be found in exactly one bitmap category. Certain bitmap categories are predefined and must be used for their established purpose. For example, an applet's Background Bitmap property always checks the Applet Backgrounds bitmap category for the specified bitmap file.

Valid Values/Examples

Name (R)

The descriptive name of the bitmap category.


Predefined (O)(H)

A TRUE or FALSE value indicating one of two kinds of bitmap category.

TRUE — Predefined category. These typically contain both user-provided and Siebel application-provided bitmap files. Bitmap files can be added or removed from predefined categories, but the bitmap category object definition itself cannot be deleted or renamed.

FALSE — User-defined category. These typically have a specially named (by the Siebel application) bitmap in them, but the bitmap category object definition can be created, deleted, or modified by the user. These bitmaps are typically view bar logos, which have the fixed name Logo.bmp. The name of the bitmap category is user-provided and is referenced elsewhere (in the Bitmap Category property of the view, in this case).

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