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Bitmap objects are implemented in Siebel 7.x as references to GIF and JPG image files used by button controls and other objects in the repository.

Valid Values/Examples

Alt Text (O)

Alternative text used in place of name property for a bitmap.


Data (S)(H)

The actual bitmap data.


File Name (O)

The file name of the bitmap.

The default directory for this file is \public\language\images (example for language is enu for U.S. English).


Height (S)

The height (in pixels) of the bitmap.


MIME Type (O)

MIME type of the file's content.


Name (R)

The name of the bitmap object definition.


Transparent Color (O)(H)

A setting that provides 1-bit transparency support for logos, toolbars, buttons, and similar bitmap object definitions.

The color you select or enter in the Transparent Color property as an RGB triple indicates the color for which Clear is substituted. You can enter it as a triplet of integers, or when you click the Transparent Color button during a bitmap import, a color selection dialog box opens.

This is useful especially for toolbar buttons and applet command buttons, where the user may have a custom background color setting. When the button appears on the user's background, you may want it to take on the background color from the application.

Width (S)

The width (in pixels) of the bitmap.


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