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Assignment User Prop (H)

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Communicates a property value to C++ code that implements specialized behavior. The values of these properties can be changed at configuration time. These values persist in the repository and the Siebel repository file.

There are two types of assignment user properties:

  • PositionTeamDenormN where N is any number

    Use these properties to copy additional columns when replacing a position by another position from the same rule. For example, you use these properties when you need to replace an existing sales representative on an account team with another representative. For more information, see the topic on configuring assignment objects to copy additional columns to the team table in Siebel Assignment Manager Administration Guide.

  • User properties for availability-based assignment

    For more information about availability-based assignment, see Siebel Assignment Manager Administration Guide.

NOTE:  A Column user property takes precedence over a corresponding Value user property. For example, if you define a Breakable Flag Column user property and a Breakable Flag Value user property, the former user property takes precedence. The order of precedence for Assignment Manager is:
   Column user property > Value user property > Calendar Activity Additional Fields property

Valid Values/Examples


The name of the user property.


Value (R)

The value of the user property.


Changing Undocumented User Properties

Customer developers can change only those user properties that have been documented. Only internal Oracle developers who create or change specialized C++ code should create or delete user properties that are not documented.

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For information about user properties, read Siebel Developer's Reference.

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