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An Attribute column holds data and does not point to data in other tables. This object type is used by the Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager (EIM). For more information, read Siebel Developer's Reference.

CAUTION:  Do not modify this object type. Any modification can adversely affect performance and operation.


Category (S)

Groups object properties when they are shown on the property sheet. This grouping makes it easier when the user views property sheets.

Column Name (S)

Name of the attribute column.

Language Override Attribute (S)

Provides the ability to change the order of attribute columns when a particular language/locale is active.

Name (S)

Name of attribute column on the user interface.

No Compile (S)

A TRUE or FALSE value. If TRUE, the object definition is not compiled when Compile is selected from the Tools menu in Siebel Tools.

Translatable (S)

A TRUE or FALSE value. If TRUE, attribute can be translated. FALSE is the default.

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