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Ungrouping Quote or Order Line Items

If the product's Auto Explode flag is set, when a quote is turned into an order, line items with a quantity of more than one are ungrouped to become separate instances, each with a quantity of one.

Ungrouping only applies to asset-based ordering and to assets for which the Auto Explode flag is set. If the end user enters quantities greater than one, the quote-to-order process automatically ungroups them.

Ungrouping is needed to give each asset separate a Service ID, so it can be tracked and serviced in the future. It also gives each asset a separate integration ID, which is used by the back-end provisioning system for fulfillment.

The ungroup feature allows you to configure once for multiple items and then splitting them into individual items that can have their own variant configurations, telephone numbers, or Billing/ Service accounts, as described in Ungrouping or Exploding Quote Line Items.

This procedure shows how to ungroup line items in a quote for an asset owned by an account. For contact-based ABO, ungroup is carried out in the order itself, not in the quote.

NOTE:  This procedure shows how to ungroup quote line items. Use a similar procedure to ungroup order line items, but drill down on the Orders list rather than the Quotes list.

To ungroup quote line items

  1. Navigate to the Accounts screen, then the Accounts List view.
  2. In the Account List, drill down on the account name.
  3. Click the Account Summary view tab.
  4. In the Quotes list, drill down on the desired quote number.

    The Quote view appears.

  5. Click the Line Items view tab.

    The line items in the quote appear.

  6. Select the line item you want to ungroup.

    This must be a line item with a quantity greater than one, with items that need to be configured differently. The line item must have an Action Code of Add; you cannot ungroup existing Assets.

  7. From the Line Items menu, select Ungroup.

    The quote ungroups the item and displays it as multiple line items, with a quantity of one for each item.

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