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Workflows for Quotes and Orders Assets Catalog Views

End users can use the Quote - Assets Catalog View and Orders - Assets Catalog View to display the assets associated with the Account specified in the quote or order header. The user can use these views to add a new line item to the quote or order that modifies, deactivates, suspends or resumes an asset. The following workflows are used by these views:

  • SIS OM Disconnect Products & Services Process - Quote & Order
  • SIS OM Modify Products & Service Process - Quote & Order
  • SIS OM Suspend / Resume Products & Services Process - Quote & Order

These work in the same way as the equivalent workflows used for account-based asset-based ordering, which are covered earlier in this chapter.

NOTE:  These views apply only to account-based ABO assets (they do not apply to contact-based ABO).

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