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ISS Approval (Order) Workflow

ISS Approval (Order) workflow, shown in Figure 27, validates approval rules and creates approval items if necessary.

It is triggered when the user selects the Generate Approvals menu item on the Order Header applet menu. This menu item raises the ApproveItem Signal, which calls this workflow.

Figure 27. ISS Approval (Order) Workflow
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Workflow Description. This workflow does the following:

  1. Validate. Calls the Validate method of the Data Validation Manager Business Service, which validates the Order based on the Rule Sets that were defined. For more information, see Validate Method.
  2. Exception Found. If the validation service returns a null, the workflow ends.
  3. Approval Bus Service. If it returns a non-null value, the workflow calls the CreateNewApprovalTasks method of the ISS Approval Bus Service, which creates a new approval task for the Order. For more information, see CreateNewApprovalTasks Method.
  4. Refresh Applet. Calls the Refresh Business Component method of the SIS OM PMT Service Business Service, which refreshes the Order, so the approval items appear in the approvals view.
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