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VORD Validate (Order)

This workflow validates the network (or compound product) associated with the currently selected order line item. It executes the rules associate with the Compound Product and reports any violations.

This workflow is initiated when a user clicks the Validate button on the Network Line Detail Applet in the Order > Line Item > Network Detail View.

This workflow is shown in Figure 7.

Figure 7. VORD Validate (Order)
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Workflow Description. This workflow does the following:

  1. Calculates the future date for which the network is to be validated.

    The future date is the due date of root line item in the current order that is part of the same network, with the due date farthest in the future.

  2. Invokes the Compound Product Validation Engine to validate each of the rules associated with the compound product.
  3. If there are no violations, displays the following message: This <compound product> is valid.
  4. If there are violations, the error messages are concatenated into a single string and displayed to the user.

Associated Business Service Methods. The following table shows the steps in this workflow that call business service methods.

Workflow Step
Business Service Method Called

Future Date

Find Future Date



Format Violation

Format Violation

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