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About Administering Upselling for Fleet Management

After customer service representatives have entered orders, they go to the Upsell view to see which lanes they will try to upsell to a customer. The records displayed in the Upsell view depend on:

  • Score. A score is calculated for each lane for this customer, based on the customer's order history; see Configuring the Score for Upselling. It displays the ten lanes with the highest scores in the Upsell view. The customer is most likely to ship product using these lanes, and they have the highest profit.
  • Targeted lanes. Your marketing department creates a list of targeted lanes, which are routes where your company wants to focus on selling transportation. If a lane displayed in the Upsell view is also a targeted lane, it is indicated in the NM (network management) field for that lane.

The customer service representative can upsell to this customer in these ten lanes and can emphasize the lanes that are targeted lanes, as described in Upselling to the Customer. If the customer places an upsell order, it is an additional order, which is separate from the initial order.

For more information about administering upselling, see:

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