Using the Approvals engine, you can define a set of approvers who must approve a requested item. The Approvals engine processes the defined set of approvers by notifying each approver with a Universal Inbox record or an email.

Approval processes happen in one of two flow types: sequential or parallel. For sequential approval processes, the Approvals engine maintains the context of a specified sequence of approvers, and alerts the next approver after the previous approver has approved the request. For parallel approval processes, multiple approvers can take action at the same time.

The Approvals engine allows the requester to monitor the approval process using the Approvals view in the Quotes, Orders, and Agreements screens. Navigate to Administration - Application > Approval Admin to access the Approvals view.

In order to integrate Universal Inbox with Siebel order management, you use the Approvals view and the Approval Manager business service.

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