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Defining Approval Items and Approval Stages

An administrator defines the approval process by creating approval items and approval stages in the Administration - Application > Approval Admin view.

To define approval items and stages

  1. Navigate to Administration - Application > Approval Admin.
  2. In the Approval Item list, add a record and enter a name in the Approval Item field.
  3. In the Approval Flow Type field, select one of the following:
    • Sequential. Indicates this approval item is distributed to approvers one after another in the sequence specified in the Approval Stage list applet. The application routes the approval item to the next approver only if the current approver approves the request. If any one approver in the approval chain declines the request, the approval item is rejected, and no further routing is conducted.
    • Parallel. Indicates this approval item is distributed to all approvers simultaneously for approval. The approval item is rejected if at least one approver declines the approval request.

      After you have defined an approval item, the next step is to define the appropriate approval stages. The Approval Item and Approval Stage list applets have a parent-child relationship.

  4. In the Approval Stage list, add a record for each approval stage and complete the necessary fields.

    Some fields are described in the following table.


    Sequence #

    Identifies the numeric sequence of this approval stage in the current approval item. The application executes approval stages in numerical order based on this number.

    Approval Type

    Specifies whether the approver is a position or an employee.

    Owner Login Name

    Indicates the login name tied to this approval stage. Relevant only if Approval Type is Employee.

    Owner Position

    Indicates the position tied to this approval stage. Relevant only if Approval Type is Position.

End users use the Inbox view (Site Map > Inbox) to approve an approval item. For more information, see Approving or Declining Approval Stages (End User).

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