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About Working with Hierarchical Business Components

Hierarchical business components, such as Quote Item, are business components that define a recursive hierarchical foreign key field to themselves. In Siebel Tools, these buscomps have the Hierarchical Parent Field attribute defined. Sometimes, their buscomp user properties also contain a definition for Root ID Field Name. For more information, see Siebel Tools Online Help.

When the data of a hierarchical buscomp is copied to another hierarchical buscomp, care must be taken to re-wire the hierarchical foreign keys: the hierarchical parent field and the root ID field. They must be re-wired to point to the corresponding destination records. DTU automatically re-wires those two foreign keys when a hierarchical buscomp is copied to another hierarchical buscomp.

For performance reasons, many data map objects in Siebel Order Management use a flattened version of a hierarchical buscomp instead. For example, data map object QuoteToSalesOrder, which creates a sales order based on a quote, contains the Line Item component that uses Quote Item (Simple) and Order Entry - Line Items (Simple). Both simple buscomps are not hierarchical. The reason for using simple buscomps is performance, as hierarchical buscomps require more CPU and memory. However, when those simple buscomps are used, you must define the foreign key mapping yourself. This is generally achieved using the field-level advanced option ID Mapping Component described in Table 58.

This option was referred to as MapId in ISS Copy Service (described in Data Map Fields), which is not used by DTU in 8.0. For more information, see The ISS Copy Service and the Data Transfer Utility (DTU).

In rare cases, you do not want DTU to automatically set hierarchical parent ID and root ID when a hierarchical buscomp is copied to another hierarchical buscomp. Set the component advanced option Disable Hierarchy to Y. You must type this option yourself, as it is not available from the pick list in the data map administration screen.

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