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The ISS Copy Service and the Data Transfer Utility (DTU)

The DataTransfer method of the DTU replaces the Copy method of the ISS Copy Service. DTU offers more functionality and usability.

ISS Copy Service is still supported. Earlier configurations that use the Copy Service will still work with the Copy Service in 8.0. Only the AutoOrderSalesQuote and AutoOrderServiceQuote signals are re-configured to use DTU. It is recommended that new development be based on DTU.

Some differences are between DTU and ISS Copy Service are:

  • DTU does not require you to instantiate the source and destination instances first. Instead DTU instantiates and deletes them automatically. This makes the invocation easier and safer.
  • Copy service data map field options include:
    • SequenceField. For the DTU data map, SequenceField is renamed as Sequence Field.
    • MapId. For the DTU data map, MapId is renamed as the ID Mapping Component option. The difference is that the MapId option value is a source buscomp name, and ID Mapping Component is the data map component name, as DTU allows a buscomp to be used in multiple components.

      For backward compatibility, DTU still recognizes the copy service field options.

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