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Calculation Expressions in DTU

When Data Map Field Source/Destination Type is Expression, the Source/Destination Fields are calculation expressions that follow Siebel Query Language syntax. See Siebel Personalization Administration Guide for more information on Siebel Query Language.

DTU contains two extensions to Siebel Query Language:

Curly Bracket Pair {field}

Use this syntax to refer to a buscomp field at the other business component side. For example, if you define the following expression as the source:


[ContactId] would be evaluated at the destination bsucomp. When {} is involved, please note that {} takes the highest precedence over other operator. Thus, if you have an expression like:

'{Last Name}' + 'Test'

{Last Name} has precedence over quotes "". If the person's last name is Agee, {Last Name} is evaluated to be "Agee". As a result, the final value is

"Agee" Test

instead of

{Last Name} Test

Named Parameter

A calculation expression can contain named parameters, using the syntax of [&Parameter]. It is important to pre-fix the ampersand to indicate a named parameter. For example,

"Sadmin's opportunity #" + [&OpptyId]

For more information on named parameters, see Using Named Parameters in DTU.

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