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Conditions and Action Variables Vary by Transform

All Row Set Transformation Toolkit business service methods (transforms) support the same action syntax and capabilities. However, each method exposes a unique set of conditions and variables. For example:

  • The Simple Look-Up transform joins each input row to a business component. It exposes On First Match, On Match, On Last Match, and On No Match conditions.

    Actions can reference:

    • any field in the input row (for example, {Row.Product Id}), or
    • the joined business component (for example, {Match. List Price}).
  • The Hierarchical transform sorts the input row set into a series of tree structures and then navigates each tree from top to bottom or bottom to top. It exposes On Leaf Row, On Row, On Parent Row, and On Top Row conditions.

    Actions can reference:

    • the current row (example: {Row.Roll-Up Price})
    • its immediate parent row (example: {Parent.Price})
    • its child rows (example: {Children.Qty}).

For more information about the conditions and actions for each method, see Row Set Transformation Toolkit Methods.

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