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Row Set Variables Used in Action Expressions

Action expressions operate on the row set variables shown in Table 9.

Table 9. Row Set Variables Used in Action Expressions

{Row Set}

The input row set for the step (specified as an input argument).


The input property set of variables shared by all rows (specified as an input argument).

{Context} acts as a set of default values for every {Row}. If {Row.Value} is not specified, then PSP automatically returns {Context.Value}. This also works for {Parent.Value} in the Hierarchical transform. If no value is found in {Row} or {Context}, then an error is raised.

{Output Row Set}

The optional output row set for the step. Most steps allow rows to be updated and written to both {Row Set} and {Output Row Set}.


The {Row Set} row currently being processed by the transform.


The last row added to the {Output Row Set} property set.


The parent row of {Row}. (Hierarchical transform only.)


A row set containing the child rows of {Row}. (Hierarchical transform only.)


A property set containing name/value pairs from a joined record in a business component or other row set. (Look-Up transforms only.)

{Property Set.Name}

The value of property "Name" in the property set. (Examples: {Row.Net Price} or {Match.Discount %})

{Property Set}.{Type}

The child row set of "Property Set" of type "Type". (Example: {Row}.{Net Price Waterfall})

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