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Aggregate Method

The Aggregate method calculates the sum, average, minimum, maximum, or count of subgroups of the input row set. See Table 10 for further description.

Table 10. Aggregate Method Arguments


Optional. Property set of variables shared across all rows.

Row Set

The set of rows to process.

Output Row Set

Output Row Set is always created and contains the aggregation results. Each row contains the Group By fields plus the Aggregate Fields (example: Price List ID, Product ID, Qty). For the Count aggregate type, the output row contains the Group By fields plus a field called Count.

Process Condition

A Boolean condition that is evaluated to determine whether to process each row.

Aggregate Type

Sum, Avg, Min, Max, or Count.

Aggregate Field

The field to aggregate (example: Qty). Required for all types except Count. Multiple fields can be aggregated by specifying a comma-separated list of field names.

Group By

Optional. A comma-separated list of row field names. Defines the groups of aggregates. (Example: Price List ID, Product ID).


Figure 20 shows an example of arguments for a PSP procedure step named Sum Product Quantity, which calls the Aggregate method.

Figure 20. Example of Arguments for Aggregate Method
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