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Dynamic Subprocedure Method

The Dynamic Subprocedure method sends each input row to the specified subprocedure for individual processing. Each row can be associated with a different subprocedure.

NOTE:  Rows are grouped together into an input row set and passed to each subprocedure in a single invocation.

See Table 13 for further description.

Table 13. Dynamic Subprocedure Method Arguments


Optional. Property set of variables shared across all rows.

Row Set

The set of rows to process.

Subprocedure Expression

Defines the procedure to execute for the row.

[Input Arguments]

Any other input arguments to be passed to the subprocedures.


Figure 23 shows an example of arguments for a PSP procedure step named Execute Line Specific Pricing.

Figure 23. Example of Arguments for Dynamic Subprocedure Method
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