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Hierarchical Method

The Hierarchical method processes a hierarchy of input rows from top to bottom or bottom to top. For example, it could be used for a customizable product price roll-up. See Table 16 for further description.

Table 16. Hierarchical Method Arguments


Optional. Property set of variables shared across all rows.

Row Set

The set of rows to process.

Output Row Set

Optional. The property set used for output.

Process Condition

A Boolean condition that is evaluated to determine whether to process each row.

Row Id Field

The ID field in {Row} (example: "Id").

Parent Field

The name of the parent ID field that defines the hierarchy in the input row set.


Up or Down. Indicates the direction of traversal of the tree.

On Top Row [1..20]

Actions to perform on the top row in each tree.

On Row [1..20]

Actions to perform on every row.

On Parent Row [1..20]

Actions to perform on every row that has children beneath it in a tree.

On Leaf Row [1..20]

Actions to perform on rows that have no children.


Figure 25 shows an example of arguments for a PSP procedure step named Customizable Product Roll-Up, which uses the Hierarchical method.

Figure 25. Example of Arguments for Hierarchical Method
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