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About Business Services

A business service defines reusable business logic that can be executed within the Object Manager. Business services are the building blocks of all C/OM functions. Generally, a business service:

  • Can be a built-in service that is defined in Siebel Tools or a run-time service that is defined in the Siebel client application by administrators
  • Can be based on the CSSService Class (standard business service) or on specialized classes (specialized business service)

    NOTE:  Specialized business services are used only by internal Siebel Engineering personnel. Do not use specialized business services unless their behavior is specifically documented.

  • Can be configured by properties or scripts (written in Siebel VB or Siebel eScript)
  • Can be used for generic code libraries that are called from other scripts
  • Can be referred to by commands associated with a menu item or toolbar button
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